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Discuss poker and bitcoin. At best, we discuss the relationship between the two.

Bitcoin News Today: India 800% Increase In Bitcoin Trading. Crypto Charity Poker. Bitcoin Poker and Satoshi Nakamoto

Bitcoin News Today: India 800% Increase In Bitcoin Trading. Crypto Charity Poker. Bitcoin Poker and Satoshi Nakamoto submitted by Lumin8_Crypto to cryptocurrencynews [link] [comments]

Bitcoin News Today: India 800% Increase In Bitcoin Trading. Crypto Charity Poker. Bitcoin Poker and Satoshi Nakamoto

Bitcoin News Today: India 800% Increase In Bitcoin Trading. Crypto Charity Poker. Bitcoin Poker and Satoshi Nakamoto submitted by Lumin8_Crypto to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Bovada Poker Bitcoin Deposits and Taking A Long Time

Currently waiting more than 3 hours for a btc deposit.
Purchased btc at coinbase, sent coin to blockchain wallet, sent to bovada. Coin is no longer in my btc wallet.
Anyone else dealing with this, or have an idea on how long this process should take? Bovada boasts that their BTC deposits are instant and only in times of high-volume should they last at maximum 15 minutes.
Thanks ahead of time. But mostly thanks America for not figuring out their fucking poker laws so I can play on a quality site. ffs.
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/r/poker Bitcoin Cash Poker Series is starting in 30 minutes (3 big tournaments, 1 is free to enter)

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Bitcoin News Today: India 800% Increase In Bitcoin Trading. Crypto Charity Poker. Bitcoin Poker and Satoshi Nakamoto

Bitcoin News Today: India 800% Increase In Bitcoin Trading. Crypto Charity Poker. Bitcoin Poker and Satoshi Nakamoto submitted by Lumin8_Crypto to btc [link] [comments]

Bitcoin News Today: India 800% Increase In Bitcoin Trading. Crypto Charity Poker. Bitcoin Poker and Satoshi Nakamoto

Bitcoin News Today: India 800% Increase In Bitcoin Trading. Crypto Charity Poker. Bitcoin Poker and Satoshi Nakamoto submitted by Lumin8_Crypto to Crypto_Currency_News [link] [comments]

SwC Poker Bitcoin Poker 3.0 RELAUNCH Tournament: The BIG BTC Returns! 1,000,000 chip (1 Bitcoin Guaranteed!)

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Gambling • 888 Poker Bitcoin Deposit

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The best Blackjack and Poker Bitcoin Site!

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🎯🎯🎯The Best Blackjack and Poker Bitcoin Gambling! Instant Deposits and Payouts!🎯🎯🎯

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The best Blackjack and Poker Bitcoin Site!

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Poker bitcoin sites?

Hey I'm thinking about playing on a bitcoin site but I'm worried a bit because bitcoin is such an explosize currency that goes up an down in value like a maniac.. if I buy for example 100 bitcoin for 10k usd and play poker and win 400 bitcoin so I now have 500 bitcoin but the value of bitcoin went down so these 500 bitcoins is worth only 7k usd
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The best Blackjack and Poker Bitcoin Site!

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This is hands down THE best Blackjack and Poker Bitcoin Gambling Site! Instant Deposits and Payouts + low minimum withdrawal fees.

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BetCoin Casino | Bitcoin Poker, Bitcoin Casino Slots, Sportsbook | 20 DAILY POKER FREEROLLS

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Bitcoin Casino Bitcoin Poker Bitcoin Sports Book

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Open New Bank Account for Online Poker Bitcoin Withdrawal?

Unfortunately, bitcoin is the only option I have to withdrawal on one of my online poker networks.
I have 15K total in withdrawals, 5k each time into bitcoin wallet.
Is it safe to open a new bank account, and then withdrawal the bitcoins from bitpay to my new bank account?
I read a lot of banks don't like bitcoin and I don't want my funds to be permanently frozen.
I'm too scared to use my existing bank account in fear they close it.
Any suggestions?
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Open New Bank Account for Online Poker Bitcoin Withdrawal? /r/Bitcoin

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Bitcoin Casino Bitcoin Poker Bitcoin Sports Book

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Play Online Poker with Bitcoins

Play Online Poker with Bitcoins
Bitcoin (or BTC) is a decentralized virtual currency which is traded in the same way as currencies or bonds, except that for the storage of Bitcoins it is necessary to download an “electronic wallet”. According to Bitcoin there is no person, company or government that controls Bitcoin, so it requires users for its operation and the greater the demand, the greater its value. One of the main attractions of Bitcoin is its possible anonymity which allows the user to buy, pay and sell products and services without the intervention of any bank or financial institution.
Best Online Casinos to Play Bitcoin Poker of October 2020
In its beginnings, in 2008, Bitcoin did not obtain great popularity, but little by little it began to be adopted by more users and companies. It was in 2011 that the newspapers began to read about Bitcoin, since then companies of great international impact have begun to open their doors to transactions with Bitcoin, some of these companies are: Dell, Overstock and Microsoft.
The increasing adoption of Bitcoin by multinational companies spurred a reaction from government entities, with each country taking very different actions. In August 2013, the German Finance Minister declared Bitcoin as a "unit of account" which can be used for private transactions, which allowed Germany to control this virtual currency. In December 2013, the Chinese government prohibited banks and financial institutions from transacting with Bitcoins due to security and transparency issues. This government action caused a considerable drop in the value of Bitcoin since users in this country could not change their Bitcoins to the local currency. The United Kingdom and the European Union have also recognized Bitcoin as a type of currency and every day this cryptocurrency is accepted by more countries. However, each specific case must be analyzed, for example: in the case of the United States; Bitcoin is not considered a digital currency but rather a taxable product.
Buying Bitcoins for the first time can seem a lot more difficult than it actually is. There are many methods to acquire Bitcoins, the most practical is to acquire them directly from an exchange house or Bitcoins exchange houses. Their names denote their difference, in exchange houses you will go to a provider who will sell you Bitcoins for your local currency, while in exchange houses you interact with other users to exchange Bitcoins for real money. Bitcoins transactions can last from 10 minutes to several hours and are made through a Bitcoin address (similar to mail methods, only the address in this case is a series of numbers and characters), once you receive the transfer you must move your Bitcoins to your electronic wallet before you can use them.
In short, that's how easy it is to use Bitcoins:
· Bitcoin is a virtual currency that is stored in an electronic wallet.
· The value of Bitcoin is decentralized so it fluctuates depending on its demand.
· You can make a Bitcoins transfer in seconds and its verification takes about an hour.
· Once a Bitcoins transfer has been made, it cannot be reversed
· For the most part, Bitcoins transactions are not subject to fees or commissions.
For more detailed information, you can consult the Wikipedia site on Bitcoin here
Sites to play online poker with Bitcoins
Online poker sites have become more popular every day and since the use of Bitcoin is anonymous, decentralized and more or less instant transfers, online casinos have recognized in this cryptocurrency an excellent potential to attract new customers.
The way Bitcoins are used to gamble online divides casinos into two categories: exclusive Bitcoin poker sites and online casinos that accept Bitcoin. So, what is the distinguish between using an online casino that accepts Bitcoins and using a Bitcoin casino to play poker?
Differences between Bitcoin poker and poker sites that accept Bitcoins
There are several differences between using an online casino that accepts Bitcoins and a Bitcoincasino, here are the most important ones:
The great differentiation between these types of online casinos will be the total offer of payment methods to enter or withdraw funds from your casino account, Bitcoin casinos do not accept other payment methods other than Bitcoin transfer, while traditional online casinos They will offer you other payment options such as a bank account or PayPal.
The expenses for using exclusive Bitcoins casinos are minimal and normally there are no fees for withdrawal of funds, contrary to the case of online casinos that accept Bitcoins as one of their payment methods since they most likely will charge you some commission.
Another great advantage of choosing Bitcoin casinos over online casinos is anonymity since you will not need to link your email or personal data to create an account. In addition to the convenience that this anonymity provides, it also streamlines the transfer process in relation to online casinos that require documentation. You should consider that this anonymity also makes Bitcoin casinos vulnerable to security problems with other users.
The game offer does not vary much between a Bitcoin casino and a traditional online casino, the most popular are: poker, roulette, slots and dice. Some small Bitcoin casinos do not turn to typical gaming providers like Playtech and Bets off as they tend to look for smaller providers that you may not have seen before.
Some of the most relevant Bitcoin casinos are: PokerStars, SWC Poker, Bitcoin Casino and Bit casino.
Pros of using Bitcoins when playing online poker
Transfer money to and from your online casino account
The requirements are basically the same as those of any traditional form of payment, of course you must have the electronic wallet software to use Bitcoins, but remember that withdrawals with this cryptocurrency they are usually much faster.
User anonymity
This advantage applies or not depending on the online casino you use, if when you sign up they only ask for information about your Bitcoin account then you will enjoy complete anonymity, however if you need to fill in personal or banking information to register at the casino then this benefit will not apply on that platform.
American users can use Bitcoin
Since Bitcoin is not recognized in the United States as a currency, it can be used as a means to enter and withdraw funds from an online casino account, remember that in the United States the laws vary a lot from one state to another so if you are an American user make sure you know the laws of your state in relation to online gambling before registering on a platform.
The double bet with Bitcoin
Many players opt for Bitcoin to place their bets since there is the possibility of winning some money depending on the exchange rate of Bitcoin when it comes to changing it to their local currency. This is why when used as a payment method for an online casino account, it is considered a double bet.
Best Rake backs
It is normal for Bitcoin casinos to offer better rake backs to their users since their expenses when using Bitcoin as the only payment method are lower, however this applies only to exclusive Bitcoin online casinos.
Cons of using Bitcoins when playing online poker
Where there are advantages, there are also disadvantages, here are the main cons you should consider when betting with Bitcoins.
Bitcoin-exclusive online casinos are sites without regulation or oversight
In the absence of a regulatory entity, it is hard to believe the promise of these casinos to use random platforms and take care of your funds. You must be much more careful when choosing an exclusive Bitcoins casino than a traditional online casino, the reputation and opinion of other players will be very important when choosing a Bitcoin Casino.
Another factor that you should take into account is that the lack of regulation of gambling with Bitcoin does not mean that you are exempt from following the gambling regulations of the place where you live, especially in the case of the United States, where the government has previously intervened in activities of bets regardless of the means of deposit or withdrawal of funds from the companies.
The fluctuating value of Bitcoin
The value of Bitcoin can vary both upward and downward. Its value can change in a matter of hours, and the behavior of its value is not so similar to that of currencies such as euros, dollars, pounds or pesos, but is more similar to the behavior of products such as oil, gold or wheat,
Relative anonymity of Bitcoin
While it is possible to register to exclusive Bitcoin poker sites without giving personal information, the use of Bitcoins can be traced through the blockchains to a personal account.
Lack of support from financial institutions
Being a decentralized currency, Bitcoin is not backed by financial institutions or government, which gives you less support as a user. If there were to be a problem with the Bitcoins system, there would be no government intervention as would happen in the case of a bank. Of course, you should consider that it is thanks to this lack of intervention that transfers with Bitcoins do not charge fees or commissions.
Being a virtual currency it is susceptible to cyberattacks.
While the programming behind the Bitcoins System is sophisticated, so are the hackers' systems. In 2013, the UK Crime Agency reported that several users of this cryptocurrency had been victims of cyber extortion, after receiving an email their computer was infected with a virus and later they were sued for some bitcoins to repair the virus on their computers. Unfortunately there are more cases like this, in Europe a payment provider lost more than a million dollars after a cyberattack.
All transactions are final
Remembering that there is no intervention by financial institutions, it becomes evident that it will be difficult to file a dispute in the event of a transfer error, so you will have to be much more careful.
Playing poker online is a game of both chance and strategy. For some bettors it is exceptionally alluring to utilize Bitcoins since they have the chance of expanding their benefits as indicated by the Bitcoin swapping scale.
For many, traditional online casinos play poker with bitcoin will continue to be the best option due to the reliability and regulation of their transactions.
What cannot be denied is that the use of Bitcoins grows day by day and in the world of online poker as in any cyber activity you must consider the most innovative and practical solutions that there is for you.
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Criptovalute Nell’Industria Del Gioco D’Azzardo: Tutto Ciò Che C’è Da Sapere Sul Bitcoin Poker

Difficilmente esiste uno sviluppo online che non sia in qualche modo utilizzato per il gioco d’azzardo, e la crescita del poker Bitcoin ne è una prova. Certo, questa non è necessariamente una brutta cosa. Molte persone apprezzano tali attività e molte partecipano in modo responsabile. I siti di poker, bitcoin o altro, sono piuttosto popolari dopo tutto.

Leggi di più nel nostro blog:
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Doug Polk Crypto - YouTube YouTube Deposit with Bitcoin on Bovada - YouTube Bitcoin Poker Poker Session bitcoin poker room ...

Gibt es Bitcoin-Poker-Turniere? Sie werden Ihr Glück in verschiedenen Bitcoin-Poker-Turnieren herausfordern können, wenn Sie sich auf einer der gelisteten Poker-Seiten einloggen, die diese Zahlungsart akzeptieren. Sie werden auch ein garantiertes Poker-Turnier Angebot, sowie verschiedene Sit n Go Poker-Turniere und große Poker-Turniere finden. Prüfen Sie bitte über unsere Website jede der ... This poker Bitcoin website doesn’t offer any rakeback to loyal players, which is a bit disappointing, but there is something of a replacement for it – the weekly cash race. If you’re in the top 100 players at the end of the week you get a taste of a $15,000 prize pool. Nice. The 100% matching first deposit bonus is a nice way to get you started as you try out tournaments in a Bitcoin ... Wie man die beste Poker Webseite für Bitcoin Benutzer findet. Es gibt einige Faktoren, welche Sie bei der Auswahl einer Bitcoin Poker Webseite beachten müssen, die Ihren Vorzügen entspricht. Hier sind ein Paar Tips wie Sie die besten Online Pokeranbieter mit Bitcoins finden: Wählen Sie eine Webseite die intuitiv ist und ein benutzerfreundliches Interface hat. So können Sie leichtfertig ... The Best Bitcoin Poker Sites. Our online poker experts have evaluated and reviewed every online poker site which accepts cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Litcoin, Ethereum and Tether (USDT). We list the best and most trusted BTC poker sites below. Not every site makes the grade. BetOnline Casino . Editor's Pick. BetOnline Casino One of the top destinations for casino lovers and videopoker ... The Bitcoin Poker Game rules are not complicated and do not require a great gaming experience. The game goes in follows: Each game in bitcoin poker online can be played with one classic deck (32 cards) or with a Spanish one (54 cards). Usually, up to ten people takes part in one game. Playing Poker slot you play solo. At the beginning of each game, the player is dealt several cards. Depending ...

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Doug Polk Crypto - YouTube

Bovada’s Bitcoin Casino, Sportsbook and Poker Room are the best places to play online with crypto. It’s fast, guaranteed and we don’t charge any fees. Start ... Doug Polk is a professional poker player and content creator. He has been investing in Bitcoin since 2014. You can keep up with his content here: https://www... Hello everyone I am Max King Visit my poker site and subscribe to my channel! Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are words we cannot escape the hype of around the world at the moment, especially in the poker tournament room. But which poker players have it, who wishes they had it ... Bitcoin Poker Find the best and highest paying BTC Poker codes by visiting our website. You can get free Bits to play live hands against other online players and win huge amounts of cryptocurrency.