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Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic is an open, decentralized, and permissionless public blockchain, that aims to fulfill the original promise of Ethereum, as a platform where smart contracts are free from third-party interference. ETC prioritizes trust-minimization, network security, and integrity. All network upgrades are non-contentious with the aim to fix critical issues or to add value with newly proposed features; never to create new tokens, or to bail out flawed smart contracts and their interest groups.

Best MAC Ethereum Wallet?

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Kryptokit launches Desktop (PC/Mac/Linux) versions of Jaxx Ethereum & Bitcoin wallet

Anthony from Kryptokit here. Our mission to unify the Ethereum and Bitcoin experience across devices continues with the simultaneous release of the Jaxx beta for PC, Mac, and Linux desktops. This release brings us to a total of nine Jaxx versions (including iOS tablet and mobile, Android tablet and mobile, and Chrome and Firefox Nightly extensions). As with all previous releases, you’ll be able to use these desktop versions to pair to or from any other Jaxx-supported device, allowing for constant and convenient access to your funds anywhere, anytime.
Over the next couple of days, our CTO, Chris Forrester, will be releasing a comprehensive diary of where we’re at with each version of Jaxx in terms of issues fixed and still being worked on, some of our planned features and integrations, as well as some of the broader technical issues within the Ethereum and Bitcoin ecosystems that our development process has uncovered.
Update - Linux issue has been resolved: There was an issue with how Chrome treats tar.gz files apparently, leading to a discrepancy in file sizes when d/ling via Chrome. While we are filing an issue with the Chrome team, we switched to .zip format.
Lastly, within the next few hours, all versions of Jaxx will be updated to 0.0.10.
Please check out our Help page or email us at [email protected] if you’re having any difficulties using Jaxx.
Download all versions of Jaxx from our website.
Changelog - v0.0.10:
Third-party API issue with Ethereum functionality fixed
All versions: Base gas price raised from 21,000 to 30,000 (as per Vitalik’s suggestion) Issue with ShapeShift QR code scanning fixed
Android (mobile and tablet): Ethereum wallet issue with some devices fixed
Please remember that Jaxx is a beta product; stick to small amounts you’d be willing to lose
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I just installed Ethereum Wallet on my Mac, looking at getting some Ether but bit confused...

I know a lot about Bitcoin but little about how Ether wallets etc work. My address is 0x36D46A5d58C8Bf48115b222672AfdE645B37D5a0 and looks different to a BTC wallet address.
If I buy some Ether on like Kraken or something, how do I go about sending it to my Ether wallet. I saw I can make a 2nd account/wallet too? Can I hold BTC in one and Ether in another? Cheers for any help.
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Request for Suggestion: Best Mac Ethereum Client/Wallet for Beginners?

You may have noticed me having some serious issues with my Ethereum install over in this thread.
Given that I just want to be able to send and receive ether out of my Etherbase and any user-created contract wallets, as well as actually see my tokens without having to look on all the time, I'm pretty much ready to stop using this thing.
I don't care about deploying contracts or tokens or being any sort of more sophisticated than normal node. If I ever do, I'll probably use a different computer, since this is my work machine.
What's the most user-friendly, bullet-proof Mac alternative? I would prefer light-mode capability. The last time I ran without it, the Ethereum Wallet downloaded hundreds of gigs of blockchain files and nearly bought my computer to a crawl.
Thank you for any suggestions.
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Mac OS Ethereum Wallet not showing balance; 0 peers; waiting for blocks -- what is wrong?

I sent a large amount of ether from CoinBase to my Mac OS X Ethereum Wallet (0.8.9), but it is apparently not connected to the network, nor is it clear how to connect it.
Develop > Ethereum Node > Geth 1.6.0 (Go) is checked.
Develop > Network > Main Network is greyed out (apparently this means it is selected). Develop > Network > Testnet is the only other option, but selecting this one opens a new window (wallet?) saying "YOU HAVE NO ACCOUNTS YET" and the name suggests to me that this is an offline testing ground for developers, not part of the network. (Others confirm this is a testing ground for Dapp developers.)
I've installed Ethereum from the Terminal using Homebrew, so I apparently have two installations of Ethereum Wallet (Mist?) now.
geth account list 
shows the same wallet address as the Ethereum Wallet app, but
web3.fromWei(eth.getBalance(eth.coinbase), "ether") 
throws the error
-bash: syntax error near unexpected token `eth.getBalance' 
so the checking account balances instructions are incorrect or unclear.
It appears I need to sync the blockchain for the ether I've sent from coinbase to be reported by Ethereum Wallet, but I see no way to do this. Rather, I think there is a window that appears briefly when I start the app saying 'Syncing...' so that it already should be synchronized.
Consequently I am left with a number of questions:
  1. Why is my wallet not showing the ether? (I copy-pasted the address from Etherum Wallet to CoinBase, and checked that it matched before sending.)
  2. How do I remove the redundant files installed via the Homebrew command? (I want to use only the Ethereum Wallet on my external USB device.)
  3. Should I upgrade to 0.8.10, despite it being labeled as a 'Pre-release', indicating it is still unfinished?
Following another user's suggestion, confirms the ether in that address, so it's apparently not a CoinBase problem. I have also double-checked that the address matches the one reported and copy-pasted by Ethereum Wallet.
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Is there a way to connect to remote daemon node from Ethereum wallet on mac?

I am new to Ether and I've used Monero and ETN previously. There, I've set up a daemon node running on my private server and connected to it as I can't download the whole blockchain. I used GUI for XMR and CLI for ETN. Is there a way to do that in ETH and BTC?
I've searched online but couldn't find any relevant threads.
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Mac running out of disk space (ethereum wallet 8-9)

The block chain is getting to the size that now my hd on my mac is almost full. Does anyone know how to point the ethereum wallet chaindata to an external hd.
Or can I just install a new copy of 8-9 on an external hd and just copy the wallet fold over.
Thanks for your help.
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Most stable version of Mist/Ethereum-Wallet to use for DAO voting on Mac?

Which version is most stable and where do I get that version? Thanks!
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Error when trying to open Ledger Wallet Ethereum on Mac

Hey guys,
Whenever I try to open the Ledger Wallet Ethereum app on my macbook, I get "The application 'Ledger Wallet' can't be opened" - Is anyone else receiving this?
Thanks in advance.
Edit- to anyone looking at this facing a similar issue, make sure you’ve got Chrome installed- I’d uninstalled it and forgot the ledger wallet is a chrome app.
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If you've installed the Ethereum Wallet and now have trouble installing the light one. Pls delete the previous first but be sure to keep the keystore file (in ~/.ethereum/keystore on Linux or C:\Users\\Appdata/Roaming/Ethereum/keystore on Windows or ~/Library/Ethereum on Mac) and reinstall.

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Speeding up Mist/Ethereum Wallet - Mac

Anyone know how to speed up the block sync time?
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Does your Ethereum-Wallet 0.7.4 for Mac takes DAYS for synchro?

Nodes download bar is almost always still..
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Using Ethereum Wallet on Mac. My hard drive is almost full and only 22% updated.

Is there a way to have a light version of the wallet without downloading the whole ledger? My hd is very small and it's been more than 15 hours since I started updating.
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Transfer account from Ethereum Wallet to Parity on a mac

For unknown reasons, Ethereum Wallet is refusing to sync. I'd like to transfer my account from Ethereum Wallet to Parity installed using the OS X installer, which, if I understand correctly, installs parity in a different place than the command line installation.
If you understand my question and know how to help, it would be greatly appreciated!
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Is it safe to delete Ethereum wallet for Mac?

If my presale wallet has been imported into Ethereum wallet for Mac, and I still have the presale wallet file (json) and password, is it safe to delete the Ethereum wallet application, or did the act of importing it invalidate my original file? I don't want to store the whole block chain.
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Mac Client of Ethereum Classic Wallet Checking Network...forever

How do I resolve the issue when I launch my Mac client for Ethereum Classic Wallet (downloaded from: ) as it is taking forever to "Check network..." and no progress is made. What could be the issue?
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Ethereum Mist Wallet First Time Help - Mac

I downloaded the Ethereum Mist Wallet and get this error message, what do I do?
Geth cannot be opened because of a problem.
Check with the developer to make sure geth works with this version of OS X. You may need to reinstall the application. Be sure to install any available updates for the application and OS X.

Click Report to see more detailed information and send a report to Apple.

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So why is Ethereum Wallet not working for mac?

Checking the latest version and this is what you get:
Always when you launch it starts synching from 2,405,xxx block. Next time you launch it starts from the same spot, so it never completes synching.
What is going on?
There are also no instructions how to start mysterious "geth". I downloaded the wallet from official url and installed it.
I get the geth notification when I click "Launch application". Also my funds are gone and all the wallets are gone.
How do I get to my funds?
And why does it always start syncing from same place?
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How to test/import wallet paper with ethereum-wallet for mac ?

I have purchased some ether. I would like to transfer them to a paper wallet I created. Before doing so I would like to transfer a very small amount to and from the paper wallet.
I have ethereum-wallet installed on my mac. Is it possible to "import" my paper wallet in this application ?
If not, how should I proceed to send ether to and from my paper wallet ?
Thank you
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Why are my posts about Ethereum Wallet not working on Mac being removed?

What is going on?
Why is a legitimate question about app not working being removed?
Censoring going on? WTH?
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Mac Wallet keep crashing #bitcoin #ethereum

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Da Hongfei AMA (Full AMA Post)

Hello everyone, I compiled all answers from Da Hongfei’s AMA on Flamingo into an overview document for anyone who missed the AMA itself but wants to read the information. Should be helpful for anyone who doesn’t want to scroll all the way back through the discord. I cleaned up his english slightly, but there are still many errors I chose not to correct for the sake of authenticity. Hope that’s appreciated. Enjoy!
First question: Hongfei, As an established public chain, what are the considerations behind Neo’s decision to incubate the Flamingo project?
I would say there are several considerations
First of all, many members of the team, the community and myself as well are all optimistic about the future of DeFi, we truly believe that it’s going to change the existing financial paradigm.
Neo, as a digital asset protocol, has a relatively mature smart contract system, a large asset base, and an active community across the world, which makes Neo a good platform for DeFi.
In the past, NF and NGD were not directly involved in incubating projects, but helped community projects in the form of funding and Tech. This time NGD participated in the incubation process because some basic modules are needed in DeFi development, and we have to compete against time. Neo3 will be launched around January next year, and we very much need to understand the requirements of the application layer in order to do a good job in the protocol layer.
We do discovered some areas to improve at layer 1 and we did such necessary changes
At the same time, I also hope that we can activate the global Neo community through this opportunity and explore our future directions together.
Let's move to the next question for Hongfei, how do you position Flamingo in Neo’s ecosystem and Flamingo’s significance in the whole industry?
Flamingo is the enabling module of Neo’s DeFi ecosystem, and we can see that Swaps are the most core module in the recent rise of DeFi. This is an important marketplace to connect all kinds of assets.
Through NGD’s incubation, we are quickly implementing our own Swap base on Neo smart contracts (rather than a simple imitation of Ethereum-based Swaps). Besides Swap, Flamingo will also provide: (1) collateralized synthetic stablecoin – FUSD, similar to Synthetix sUSD and MakerDAO DAI, (2) using FUSD to do 10x margin trade of AMM-based perpetual contract.
We hope that more developers can use basic modules of Flamingo to develop more applications. From a macro point of view, if Flamingo is proven to be successful, then we will bring some insights about originality to the public blockchain space, instead of the current situation where team are rushing to Ethereum to build liquidity pools cascaded by liquidity pools.
Thank you Hongfei, The third question: Why do you think Flamingo will stand out in the current DeFi craze?
I summarized the following highlights for Flamingo:
(1) high capital utilization:
for example, the LP Token (liquidity provider’s proof in Swap) can be used to mint FUSD, an FUSD can be used to trade 10x perpetual contracts. This is a great advantage of the Flamingo full-stack model, where the liquidity of each module can be reused to the maximum extent.
(2) fair launch and equal opportunities
Flamingo does not have any pre-sale, team reservation, or pre-mining, everyone participates on a leveled ground
(3) asset diversity:
During Mint Rush, in addition to the NEO pool which will have 50% of the FLM distribution, another 50% of FLM will be obtained by staking cross-chain assets. This includes WBTC, ETH, USDT, Uniswap V2 WBTC/ETH LP, ONT and a few other assets (will announced later). Moreover, most of the ERC20 assets can continue to generate yields on Ethereum, as well as farming on Neo.
(4) We will also launch DAO governance module as soon as possible to allow the community of FLM holders to steer the wheel for Flamingo.
Next question~ As a very important module of Flamingo, many community members are interested in Flamincome, but many are still confused about it. Can you explain to us how it actually works?
Flamincome is built on Ethereum, we can it "Ultimate Yield Booster". It is similar to yEarn but do cross-chain farming as enhancement. Let me give you an example to illustrate it better:
For example: Alice deposits USDT (imagine it as deposite money) into Flamincome and gets a fUSDT token (the certificate of deposit), which can then be staked and normalized into a new token called nUSDT which pegs to the original asset USDT (a loan against the certificate of deposit). The newly minted nUSDT can then be transferred to Neo blockchain to participate in farming in Flamingo. USDT and nUSDT are mining for you at the same time at two blockchains, which is the magic of Flamincome.
The specific process is shown in the figure above. It’s quite complex, which is why I said don't expect the user experience to be good. But money never sleeps. I think the more important thing is how to improve the utilization rate of capital.
This cross-chain "Ultimate Yield Booster" looks like a perfect fit for DeFi Scientists!
Next question:
Flamingo is defined as a project that allocates all incentives based on contribution. Would you explain to us about this?
This involves the highlight of radical equality I mentioned earlier. There are several types of actions that can be defined as contributions in Flamingo:
  1. Minting/staking assets, including native (NEO) and cross-chain assets (BTC, ETH... ).
  2. Providing liquidity into asset pools such as Swap's FLM/NEO pair.
  3. Minting FUSD stablecoin, by staking assets to Vault and use it as collateral to mint FUSD.
  4. Trading perpetual contracts and providing liquidity for Flamingo Perp.
  5. Using FLM to govern Flamingo via DAO.
The next question is quite frequently raised: The upsurge of DeFi is accompanied by a lot of chaotic situations, so the security of the smart contract is an issue of great concern. How is Flamingo guaranteed in terms of security?
First of all, to do yield farming, or liquidity mining, although it does not cost money, you have to stake your assets into the smart contract, so there is opportunities cost and safety concerns.
security of contracts and wallet is our first priority. All contracts are audited before going live, Neoline is also under significant tests. The audits of Flamingo and Flamincome are done by PeckShield and the audit reports will be released soon.
Matured farming strategies from yEarn are re-used to ensure safety
OK, here is another question also drawing lots of attention within the community. As a project incubated by NGD, Flamingo has a to become a project governed by DAO. So how will the Neo Foundation and NGD participate in the Flamingo?
In order to ensure the security and a better user experience, we decided to postpone the launch of Flamincome on Ethereum for 2 days.
So Flamincome and Flamingo Wrapper will launch together on the 23rd, followed by a two-day period for users to do cross-chain assets wrapping/minting. The Mint Rush will still start on the 25th, together with the launch of Vault. FLM will start to generate on 25th.
So 23rd is more like preparation, 25th is the starting date
23rd September UTC 13:00: Launch of Flamincome and Flamingo Wrapper
23rd September UTC 13:00: Launch of Flamingo Vault and "Mint Rush" starts, as well as distribution of FLM
During Mint Rush you only need to stake your assets for a total of 5 days and there is no impermanent loss.
Only by providing liquidity to Swap, you may bear IL
After all, the IL is not as terrible as many people think.To provide liquidity to a trading pair A/B, after a period of time, if the price of A has fallen by 50% relative to B. How much do you estimate the impermanent loss to be?
(that's question for you folks)
No one could answers Hongfei, they were muted~
haha . The answer is 5.72%. Which means you would only lost 5.72% by providing liquidity compared to holding A/B in your wallet.
that's not as bad as most people's intuition
The following are comments from Da after the AMA was complete:
Da on Gas: The market cap of GAS is too small, you can't use it to stake, otherwise will drive the price too high, and too expensive to do tx
Regarding NEP5 tokens, same situation, Market Cap too small to be used
All tokens Flamingo use have over 100M cap.
FLM distribution starts on 25th, but you need to wait 2-3 days before you can actually claim it
Currently you can use Ledger with Neon PC wallet, but unfortunately Ledger is not working with any Neo chrome extension wallet (ie. Neoline) yet
I agree we should push the integration between wallets and ledger
Wrapping is safe
Neoline chrome extension (PC) will work, and probably O3 desktop (PC/MAC)
I'm not sure O3+Ledger will be ready on 25th, need to check it out tomorrow
I don't have a number for tx fees, let's see when i launches
i don't comment on listing questions
it's out of my scope
On Neo 3.0 launch
Jan 2021 is more realistic. Xmas, new year... many core devs are in christian countries
NF/NGD will participate for three purposes:
(1) To get FLM and later provide liquidity for NEO and FLM pairs for the Swap to be launch on 30th
(2) To use the FLM to participate in governance. We aim to make Flamingo governed by DAO as soon as possible
(3) To use the FLM for the future operation and incentive NF/NGD will ensure non-NF/NGD participation takes up the majority of NEO pool
to mint cross-chain asset, you need Metamask and Neoline
i think it might be a good idea to build a browser which natively support all major blockchains
17.5% others will be announced soon
I not sure whether ledger can be used or not. The devs are not testing with ledger, only neoline
so don't have too much expectation pls
but maybe O3 team is working on it, let's see for the next couple of days
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Ethereum Install Tutorial  Geth Command Line Getting Started with Parity Ethereum Wallet (Faster Sync than Geth Mist) Bitcoins Hack Instantly! How To Hack Bitcoin Wallet 2020! Working for Mac/Windows/Ios/Android How to Create a Ethereum Wallet in 30 Seconds  Max Wallet  Dropil How to install latest Ethereum wallet easily! Tutorial ...

Ethereum Wallet 0.11.1 Englisch: Geldbörse für die Kryptowährung Ethereum: Mit "Ethereum Wallet" können Sie Ihr Ethereum-Konto am Rechner verwalten. Download the latest Mac version of HB Wallet. Your true Ethereum Wallet. DOWNLOAD. PRODUCT DETAILS. EVENT. HB BUSINESS. SUPPORT . BLOG. More. THANK YOU! CLICK TO START DOWNLOAD! DOWNLOAD HB WALLET FOR MAC. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS - Operation System: from macOS Mojave (Version 10.14), or macOS High Sierra (version 10.13), or macOS Sierra (version 10.12) - RAM: from 4GB - Free Hard Disk: from 1.3 GB ... Das Ledger Nano S unterstützt neben Ethereum Bitcoin viele Altcoins und Ethereum Classic und ist kompatibel mit Windows, Linux, Mac und Chrome OS. Tokens lassen sich mithilfe von Software wie MyEtherWallet verwalten. Du hast sowohl die Option, eine 4-stellige PIN festzulegen, als auch ein Backup zu machen. Auf diese Weise kannst du dein Wallet auf jedem anderen beliebigen Ledger-Gerät ... Your Ethereum account. Your wallet is your window into your Ethereum account – your balance, transaction history and more. But you can swap wallet providers at any time. Your login for Ethereum applications. Your wallet lets you connect to any decentralized application using your Ethereum account. It's like a login you can use across many dapps. Wallets, accounts, and addresses. It's worth ... The 0.9.3 version of Ethereum Wallet for Mac is provided as a free download on our software library. This free software for Mac OS X is an intellectual property of Ethereum. Our built-in antivirus checked this Mac download and rated it as 100% safe. The latest installer takes up 52.5 MB on disk. The application lies within Productivity Tools, more precisely Timekeeping. From the developer ...

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